Why best chances of benefit to patient

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IV. Ultimate one stop visual fitness destination and comprehensive Low Vision Resource Center

  • 11. Professional & Multidisciplinary approach:

       Vision correction and Low Vision Care is not only prescription of powers or selling of spectacles, magnifiers and devices, but it requires holistic approach with integrated knowledge alongwith teamwork and networking as and when required, covering full spectrum of aspects like counselling, motivation (for positivity, patience and hope), information, guidance, education, Trainingss, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition, physiotherapy, relevant medical expertise, social work etc. in addition to Ophthalmology, Optometry & Orthoptics – thereby providing scientific, methodical, customized "Total" management under one roof to deal with all vision related problems with minimum efforts and maximum advantages and convenience.

    Thus, the patients can explore all alternatives and determine the best way out regarding their treatment, devices, career, lifestyle etc. with reference to associated systemic disease, physical disability, family / social problems, psychological constraints etc.

  • 12. Well equipped assessment unit of international standard with up-to-date equipments and modern techniques.
  • 13. World with options - wide variety of devices and range of technical resources - for each need and power capacity, multiple choices of quality devices and latest technologies of various companies from all over the world, so as to choose the best suited and useful option.
  • 14. Customized vision care solutions for enhancing of visual efficiency for better acceptance and lifelong success.

    There is no single best means of vision correction for everyone. Only expert has the knowledge and experience to prescribe the best regime for your eyes - for sustained and best vision output. So, instead of handing over universal items and generalised powers to all patients, for lasting vision utilisation and better life quality E.T. relies on –

    "Individualized assessment and prescription considering individual needs and differences about eyes and physical condition as well as mental makeup."

  • 15. Ensured procuring of proper device, exact lenses and, if required, development of personalized innovative easy to use and maintain special items.
  • 16. As and when required, teaching of the skills for maximum vision utilization through
    • - Use of the appliances and
    • - Modification of working habits.
    • All these, so that you may live a life with more options, opportunities and confidence.
  • 17. Periodical upgrading - Our journey continues in persuit of wealth of expertise, knowledge & technology via -
    • (a) Personnel Trainings Programs
    • (b) Continuous up-gradation through live contacts with premier agencies in the field in India and all over world.

For (1) solution to above or any eye problem and (2) guidance for any vision (Distance, Near- Reading etc and computer like work ) related problems (3) spects / Contact lenses related query,

Contact- Dr. Smita Mehta

helplineforvision@gmail.com / visionthehelpline@yahoo.com

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