Strengths of E.T.

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III. Each patient is given chance

  • 9. Services available to all visually impaired – No discrimination on basis of :
    • (a) Residual vision level –
    • (b) The Cost – Low cost model.
      • Fees structure to suit every pocket.
      • Options to choose from alternative items with understanding and consent of patient.
  • 10. Cost effective – Affordable and accessible to all.
    • Global quality in minimum expenses (Indian price – Money and time). Best value for money to each patient.
    • Facility with balanced and realistic approach. Commitment of great facility at lowest price possible is materialized via -
      • Only necessary items, investigations and treatment suggested relevant to patient's needs and condition.
      • Only must referrals to other experts, rest of guidance and suggestions by center doctor only.

For (1) solution to above or any eye problem and (2) guidance for any vision (Distance, Near- Reading etc and computer like work ) related problems (3) spects / Contact lenses related query,

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