REASONS WHY E.T. is better & Unique

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II. Working Policy

  1. 4. Best and maximum improvement in visual abilities of each patient - as only focus of all efforts, time, attention and total dedication is vision fitness in general and low vision care in particular (Not too many departments / services).
  2. 5. Limited patient appointments for quality oriented tireless work, undivided concentration without any time constraints or other compromises for finding out the best for each patient. ET is not quantity oriented.
  3. 6. Thorough full hearted trial (not hurried chart reading with hush hush checkup) and willingness to solve optimally all vision related problems of each beneficiary irrespective of available vision level, disease type etc. Each patient is special.
  4. 7. Personalized prescription and attention.

      Low vision care does not mean only suggestions for costly electronic items or handing out one item from stock of readymade low vision aids. As all normal people can not be improved with fixed and limited range of lens powers, same is the case for low vision people. Each low vision patient is different – his / her management needs to be different. Often one may have other physical illnesses / systemic diseases, family / social problems, psychological constraints - fear of failure etc.

      Because their vision is poorer, they are more in need of better vision, hence, customised items are the best option and have better chance of acceptance. Electronic appliances may be demonstrated and advised, if required, over and above these.

  5. 8. Special emphasis on psychological strengthening and motivation. In fact, it is not the power of glasses, what matters is that patients should -

  • feel loved, wanted and inspired to live meaningfully and independently.
  • have an active, confident and fruitful lifestyle.
    We try to equip them with goals and motivation.

For (1) solution to above or any eye problem and (2) guidance for any vision (Distance, Near- Reading etc and computer like work ) related problems (3) spects / Contact lenses related query,

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