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All low vision people may avail the services so as to have a better life.
Any person qualifying through the criteria for patient selection may undergo low vision care workout with hope for favorable results regardless of:

  • Age of patient:- May be 8 or 98 years.
  • Type of disease: Whatever disease -
    • Inflamatory - e.g., Uveitis
    • Degenerative - like High Myopia, Macular Degeneration
    • Congenital - such as Microphthalmos, Colobama of retina, Choroid, Optic nerve & Albinism
    • Developmental - e.g., Partial Amblyopia
    • Acquired - e.g., Partial optic Atrophy - After injury / surgery
    • Complications of systemic diseases like Metabolic - Diabetic Retinopathy etc.
  • Age of onset of low vision:- May be congenital (e.g.albinism)or acquired, developmental or age related.
  • Duration of vision loss:- May be 6 months or 36 years.

All these issues do not affect the chances of success. Yes ! But chances of success are more for those who can count fingers with or without spects from distance of 3 meters.

For (1) solution to above or any eye problem and (2) guidance for any vision (Distance, Near- Reading etc and computer like work ) related problems (3) spects / Contact lenses related query,

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