What is Low Vision?

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  • Low vision is not a disease itself, but it signifies state of reduced eyesight.
  • This may result from any cause and at any age. It may be caused by various diseases of eye or systemic diseases like Diabetes mellitus ; it  may be due to conditions present since birth like Coloboma or occurring later on like macular degeneration, partial optic atrophy, etc.; it could result from trauma whether of accident or of surgery e.g. cataract extraction & I.O.L. implantation or other ones.
  • As per WHO definition, condition in which-
    • Best corrected visual acuity using both eyes is between 6/18 to Finger counting at 3 meters and
    • Field of vision is ranging between 60° to 10° is termed as low vision.
    • The basic concept inherent in the term is that this vision defect can not be adequately corrected by conventional spectacles, eye excercises, any medicine or surgery.( disease or disorder is untreatable )
    • The person faces difficulties in activities of daily life due to this vision defect.
  • Like the twilight zone between day and night, low vision is actually the stage of unimprovable partial defect of eyesight- a zone between normal vision and total blindness.

Low Vision people are not blind, they just see less than the normal people.

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