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EYE TEMPLE - उजालों का आँगन

(Previously Vision Resource Center - Only name is changed, values and dedication are the same.)

Vision Fitness and Low Vision Care Center

Dedicated to serve and Supports people with Vision problems – Since 1987

Theme Sentences.

  • (1) Healthy eyes & best sight for all
    " सबके लिए स्वस्थ आँख एवं सर्वोत्तम नजर "
  • (2) To signify the crusade against preventable and unnecessary blindness – motto of Eye Temple is –
    Low Vision is Not Blindness.

Theme of Low Vision Care Services – Full life despite partial sight.

Although Partially Sighted

May Be Victims Of Fate,

But They Must Not Be

Victims Of Our Neglect.

Eye Temple (ET) Indore is the Ultimate Vision Destination, the gateway to global visual solutions at low cost for all. It opens up an ever upgrading range of options to expand the horizons for visually troubled people in India. ET's quest is to make novel optical and other innovations accessible locally.

For the people declared "untreatable" or "hopeless", who face problems in reading, writing and other visual work even after using the spectacles / taking Ophthalmic treatment, it's the most appropriate place to know how to convert their dreams into reality. We are committed to offer the right solution at right time with right approach. We also provide full spectrum of low vision care services. Thus, visual rehabilitation complements the medical assistance.

Eye Temple with its state of the art services and Supports, inspires and invigorates the patients to protest against - all kinds of odds to overcome the impact / challenges of visual impairment - so called destiny to live like "blind". ET encourages people to lead self dependent life and meet their goals.

ET has created a sanctum where people come to get tested and learn ways out of their problems. Visually challenged people leave the center with

  • dream of a comfortable and worthwhile life,
  • minimized fear and risk of handicap and
  • smile on face .

ET is partner at every mile, a boon for VIPs. It serves as a hub for all activities related to partially sighted people (PSPs).

It is Ray of Hope / Light / Life for all Patients with Vision problems.

Only Low Vision Centre in India which runs with full time attention by Ophthalmologist. It covers-

  • Service to Public –
    • It addresses prevention and health education for eye diseases.
    • Also creates awareness about vision problems.
  • Accessible Eye Care-
    • Early intervention
    • Also links to other health and social development services.
  • Training programs -
    • So that manifold people may avail benefit.


    Dedicated not only to preserving Vision, but also for its best and maximum utilization.

    "If possible, prevent or treat disease / disorder as well as revert damage and
    if nothing may be done for disease, disorder or damage, best efforts are to be done to reduce effects of handicap / problem."

    Based on this theme, provision of Vision fitness services in general and Low Vision Care services specially visual rehabilitation can give the visually challenged people an opportunity to live like "sighted" instead of succumbing to compulsion of living like "blind". Such prevention of avoidable blindness is not only a remarkable contribution to fight for sight but also enhances quality of life and ensures patient satisfaction and hence creates positive impact on partially sighted persons definitely much better than that of schools and facilities for blind.


    • We consider the center Eye Temple as place of worship, dedication to journey towards light is our religion and striving for benefit and satisfaction of each client is our prayer.
    • Patients' trust, confidence and satisfaction are most invaluable things for us.
    • Based on the concept- "to give back to society".
    • We nurture ethical medical practices.

    मेरा तो आराध्य इंसान, देवालय यह कार्यस्थल है।
    प्रार्थना के लिये जोड़े गये दो हाथों की बजाय दुःखी की मदद करता एक हाथ बेहतर है।
    - स्वामी विवेकानंद


  • Development of model world class integrated rehabilitation care system entailing the best vision solutions, medical and rehabilitational skills combined with compassionate patient care.
    While utilizing the harmony of services and Supports at all the points of need, the aim is "to ensure the best results for - Optimum Vision utilization".
  • Visual rehabilitation of VIPs. But vision utilization / maximization is not the only aspect of goal of ET.
  • Enabling VIP through lifestyle modifications to acquire all rounder personality. Thereby, encouraging them –
    • To reach to their maximum potential.
    • To develop as independent and confident persons realizing their dreams.
    • To enjoy safe, satisfactory, comfortable life style.
    • To become earning and happy individuals with self-esteem and dignity.
    • To transform into productive and responsible citizens. Thus,
    • To motivate them to become an asset to family and society instead of becoming liability.
  • By helping them to enjoy equal opportunity for education, employment and social life, reducing the impact of visual impairment not only on victim, but also on family members so as to ensure happy, healthy people and families.
  • Preparing V.I.P.s and society - both for better integration and empowering the large pool of idle manpower and talent to come in the mainstream of society thereby decreasing the economic and social burdens of country.
  • Target is to enhance quality of life of visually challenged people. After all, it is not the years in life, but the life in years that matters!

    For (1) solution to above or any eye problem and (2) guidance for any vision (Distance, Near- Reading etc and computer like work ) related problems (3) spects / Contact lenses related query,

    Contact- Dr. Smita Mehta /

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