Good Eye Sight

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In this group, those people are included whose -

  • Eyesight is normal as such or
  • Sight can be improved to normal with use of spectacles or contact lenses prescribed by doctor or
  • Vision reached to normal after undergoing medical, surgical, orthoptic treatment e.g., refractive surgery to get rid of spects.

Following are the usual “ Vision Troubles ” in this category -

Sharp Vision

Blurred Vision

For precise vision solutions to all above / any other vision troubles, please opt for an eye checkup at " Eye Temple " -- Appointment

In case if this is not possible, you may have an online advice - first / second opinion regarding how to proceed for solution -- Helpline

If you want, then, Dr. Smita Mehta, may discuss your queries with your consultant provided your consultant agrees for that. -- Helpline

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