What Partially Sighted People Can Do

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Worthwhile life with partial sight ?

Of course, it is possible !

You will ask - ' how ' ?

Here is list of some of the many tasks which in spite of the incurable eye diseases, the partially sighted people may perform on their own and that too easily, safely, efficiently and confidently-

  • Read book or newspaper.
  • Write letter or cash book.
  • Work on Computer, Typewriter and related accessories.
  • Use Calculator, Mobile and Smart-Phones.
  • View blackboard, notice board or signboard.
  • Operate Tape recorder, CD player, I-pad, Tablet etc gadgets.
  • Watch Television and video.
  • Sort out, pickup, clean, cut and cook grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits etc.
  • Execute activities of daily living like personal care as well as home chores and domestic maintenance.
  • Shopping or visiting Doctors / Lawyers / Banks / Chartered Accountant etc.
  • Enjoy meeting friends or walking and exercising in park / gym.
  • Plot and interpret charts, graphs and maps.
  • Designing, Drawing and Painting.
  • Stitch, Embroider, Weave or Knit ( with thread / wool).
  • Prepare different types of Handicrafts.
  • Technical jobs like work on lathe and other machines.
  • Attend exhibitions, sport events, music and dance concerts.
  • Participate in meetings and social gatherings.
  • Earn living through service / professions like teaching etc.

Thus, they need not accept the compulsion to live like blind as their destiny.

"I am only one, But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
but I can still do something
and simply because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something I can do."

Even with partial sight, one may surely enjoy full life – an active and independent life enriched with purpose, satisfaction and self respect.

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